Free dell laptops offered by bill gates foundation
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2020-04-02 13:07:04 UTC
I want a laptop
2020-05-26 02:05:12 UTC
Dear. Mr. Gates. My. Name. Is. Donald. Abdullah. Muhammad. And. Iam. Studying. Law. And. Iam. Requesting. A. Laptop. From. Your. Foundationi. Do. Not. Have. The. Money. To. Paid. But. Also, iam. A. Viet nam. Vet. Served. Two. Tours. In. Nam. And. Was. Wounded. In. Action, recieved. A. Purple. Heart and. Silver. Star. I. Was. With. The. 199th century light. Infantryiam. 71. Years. Old,and. I. Would. Liked. To further. My. Career. In. The. Fields. If. Jurisprudence,constitutional. Rights. Civil, and. Human. Rights. Of. The. United. Nations
My. Phone. Number. Is. 914 733 8581. And. Address. Is. 610. Noah's. Road. Apt. 409. Pleasantville, new. Jersey. 08232. Thanking. You. And. Mrs. Mali da. In. Advance,

Respectfully. Submitted. Your. Truly

Donald. Abdullah. Muhammad

Dated:,may 25th 2020